MEMS Ultrasonic Sensor Solution Enables Intelligent Cabin CPD System

July 20, 2023
Latest company news about MEMS Ultrasonic Sensor Solution Enables Intelligent Cabin CPD System

Child Presence Detection (CPD), an important safety measure for children in cars, is a system that uses various sensors to sense children in the car and send a notification warning to the driver.

The CPD sensing method can be divided into direct sensing method and indirect sensing method. Among them, the direct sensing method refers to the detection of vital signs to determine the presence of living organisms in the car.

According to the latest Euro NCAP standard, MEMS ultrasonic sensing solution may become the mainstream of CPD system with good vital sign detection, wider sensing range, smaller size and hidden installation advantages.

NCAP incorporates CPD as a test indicator

The implementation of different regulations is driving the gradual expansion of cabin inspection requirements. At present, the requirements of cabin inspection have changed from a single inspection of the driver's driving status to the entire cabin inspection, and the CPD system is one of the products of the transformation process.

The European Agency for the Assessment of Automotive Safety (E-NCAP) has released its scoring criteria for CPD systems.

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European Agency for the Assessment of Automotive Safety (E-NCAP) Incorporate CPD features into the scoring system for evaluating cars. Only CPD solutions with direct sensing technology can obtain Euro-NCAP scores.

AUDIOWELL MEMS Ultrasonic CPD Solution

AUDIOWELL CPD system solution applies PMUT technology, including two transceiver integrated MEMS ultrasonic sensors, the transceiver and received ultrasonic signals, through the dynamic detection algorithm and module integration, to achieve the life monitoring function. The module is a digital signal, supporting LIN, serial port and other communication protocols.

Vital sign detection is possible

The MEMS ultrasonic sensor scheme is able to achieve breath level detection according to the difference in movement, breathing and environmental states of the MEMS ultrasonic sensor transmitting and receiving the panoramic ultrasonic test target. The CPD system for MEMS ultrasonic sensors is fully compliant with NCAP regulatory standards.


Smaller size, more powerful

The size of MEMS ultrasonic sensor module is 30*20*5mm, which is much smaller than open ultrasonic sensor module and millimeter wave radar module.

MEMS 尺寸.png

Wide detection range, field of view up to 180°

The detection distance of MEMS ultrasonic CPD solution is >1m, and the detection field of view reaches 180° (±90°), with a wider detection range, which can achieve full range coverage in the car and accurate monitoring to meet the sensing needs of all positions in different cabin.


Concealed installation for better aesthetics

The MEMS ultrasonic CPD solution can be surface-mounted without affecting the interior design of the car, which can maintain the integrity and aesthetics of the car interior design to a large extent.


In the future, artificial intelligence and other technologies will continue to develop and popularize, and the intelligent cabin will become an important part of intelligent vehicles and an important direction of innovation and competition in the automotive industry. As a "leader" in the sensing technology industry, Audiowell will continue to invest in research and development, conquer the "bottleneck" technology, and empower the development of smart cars.

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