Haptic feedback technology, Leading the interactive revolution

July 10, 2023

Recently, at the spring conference of Huawei's whole house intelligence and all scene new products, Huawei comprehensively upgraded the "1 + 2 + n" whole house intelligence solution from the perspective of interaction, host and scene, and successfully applied the haptic feedback technology to the interaction of intelligent central control screen, got rid of the linear motor, led the interaction revolution and opened a new wave of whole house intelligence.

Intelligent central control screen with non general vibration feedback

After Huawei's product launch, the most common sentence in the industry is that smart home is moving from single product to whole house intelligence. It can be learned from the product launch that the intelligent central control screen and intelligent panel carrying the control of household appliances are the interactive focus of Huawei's "1 + 2 + n" household intelligent solution. In this upgrade, Huawei has brought both 6.6-inch and 10.1-inch central control screens. From scene switch to interface switching, it has achieved one screen in one space and all devices are controllable. Huawei has brought the haptic feedback technology into it this time, and the new application technology brings more possibilities for interaction.


Huawei intelligent central control screen is a full touch screen that supports 10 touch points. Each touch point can give vibration feedback on time and correctly. Its unique feature is that the piezoelectric feedback actuator (also known as piezoelectric motor) with simple structure replaces the traditional linear motor to realize the effect of vibration feedback when pressing, which is more realistic. Eliminate the discomfort of the elderly in using smart home devices from the device side, and make it a reality for everyone to effectively manage household appliances anytime, anywhere and efficiently.

Haptic feedback actuator: sensing external force and vibration feedback

Unlike Huawei's technological revolution, most intelligent terminals and devices on the market still use linear motors to simulate the touch of keys. If the hidden key is used to sense the external force, the x-axis linear motor simulates the touch of the key to realize vibration feedback.

Compared with other components, the haptic feedback actuator selected by Huawei does have "advantages" : it can realize two functions of sensing external forces and simulating the touch of keys.

More advantages of haptic feedback actuator

1) Multi-dimensional

The haptic feedback actuator can realize different vibration feedback effects according to different application scenarios, and adapt to the multi-dimensional requirements of multi-level, multi switching and multi synchronization of the interactive interface.

2) Multi-touch feedback

The multi-touch control of Huawei intelligent central control screen proves that the haptic feedback actuator can realize the vibration feedback function of a large area, rather than just identifying the vibration feedback of a single point.

3) Software definability

The strength and effect of haptic feedback can be customized through software to meet the feedback needs of different terminals and devices.

4) Good feedback performance

The product has good feedback performance and strong controllability. The vibration amplitude and frequency can change freely through pulse control to realize different vibration forms.

5) Light and easy to install

The size of the product is small to millimeter level, the standard product has a variety of thickness (0.5~1mm) , easy to install.

Audiowell haptic feedback actuator

The haptic feedback actuator independently developed by Audiowell is an operation interactive actuator. The product belongs to the category of piezoelectric conversion elements and has a wide range of applications. It can be used for the display of virtual keys, touch panel and the interaction between virtual and reality. In smart home, this product scheme can be applied not only to the intelligent central control screen, but also to the control panels of induction cooker, range hood, washing machine and other household appliances. In addition, the product can also be applied to AR, smart phones, smart wear, etc.




-Intelligent central control screen

- Control panel of smart appliances

- AR, smart phone, smart wear, etc

Main Function

-Haptic feedback: The feedback force that enables different interface designs

Outstanding advantages

- High sensitivity and good feedback performance

- Multi-dimensional, multi-point feedback, software definable

- Low loss, long life

- Good consistency, strong adaptation

- The size is light and thin, easy to install

Performance parameter


Model HM0003
Electrostatic Capacity 400nf±15%
Working Voltage -30~130V
Operating Frequency 1~500Hz
Vibration Displacement 0~75μm
Operating Temperature -20~70℃