AUDIOWELL: Humidification and Freshness solution for Refrigerator

November 22, 2023
Latest company news about AUDIOWELL: Humidification and Freshness solution for Refrigerator

Refrigerator refrigeration industry has put forward higher requirements for whole ingredients preservation, refrigerator preservation to multi-dimensional preservation technology. In order to solve the problem of dehydration and deterioration of ingredients caused by the refrigerator's traditional frost-cooling and air-cooling modes! More and more smart refrigerators are introducing refrigerator atomized humidification modules and they are developing towards intelligence, miniaturization, low energy consumption, and ultra-long humidification.

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AUDIOWELL's humidification and preservation solution adopts ultrasonic atomization module, which controls the refrigerator interior to maintain a constant humidity environment through low-temperature atomization to prolong the freshness of fruits and vegetables to reach the first-class preservation standard, truly realizing intelligent preservation of freshness and ultra-long moisturizing.


Intelligent humidification

The humidification and preservation solution integrates three major modules of distance detection, humidity sensing, adaptive adjustment and atomization components to achieve intelligent humidification through mutual correction and adjustment. According to the refrigerator volume size, the current humidity, unit time atomization amount to calculate the refrigerator currently required humidification time, automatically open the atomization function so that the refrigerator to achieve a constant humidity environment.


The principle: through the distance detection module to calculate the refrigerator volume, and according to the "volume - humidity" matching table will be the best humidity preset value passed to the MCU; and then call the humidity sensing module and adaptive module for mutual correction verification, real-time monitoring of the refrigerator's humidity changes and changes in the level of the sink to automatically adjust the humidification and atomization component output power, microporous atomizing film mist volume to achieve a constant humidity environment. The output power of the humidification atomization module and the fog output of the microporous atomization sheet are automatically adjusted to achieve a constant humidity environment in the refrigerator.


Low temperature ultra-fine particle atomization


The microporous atomizing transducer in the program can realize stable atomization in low temperature environment, which can solve the problem of traditional atomizing sheet being affected by temperature and difficult to fog in low temperature. The pore size of the fogging sheet is less than 10um, the atomized particles are finer and denser, so that the ingredients can get lasting water vapor moisturizing, so that the ingredients can keep freshness for a long time.

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Microporous impermeable liquid core technology


The core component of the product, a microporous atomizer, solves the problem of water droplet residue and oozing out of the wall of the atomization holes caused by the high viscosity and tension of water in the low-temperature environment. Avoid the fog hole due to the accumulation of water caused by bacterial growth, bacterial proliferation and other issues, to provide a more fresh and hygienic preservation of food ingredients environment.