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AK2 ultrasonic sensor

Technical characteristics:
① Strong range measuring ability: ranging as far as 7m and blind area as small as 10cm;
② Fast signal propagation speed and wide range of echo eigenvalue processing;
③ Get rid of the same frequency interference: provide two ultrasonic coding signals;
④ Application scope: reversing parking system, parking system, parking distance control system.

AK2 ultrasonic sensor is a new generation of automotive intelligent sensor based on the principle of ultrasonic ranging, which has the features of low Q value and high broadband. Products are mainly used in reversing radar systems, parking assist systems.

Technical characteristics:

- Strong range measuring ability

- Meet the standard of AK2

- Low Q value

- High bandwidth


AK2 ultrasonic sensor


Resonant frequency55.5 ± 1.0 kHz
Ring time≤1.50 mS
Directivity(deg) X-axis90°±10°
Directivity(deg) Y-axis45°±10°
Max. input voltage140Vp-p
Operating temperature-40~+85°C


- Intelligent parking systems

- Blind spot detection systems

- Obstacle avoidance systems

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