Ultrasonic perception behind "Superman" of environmental sanitation


Recently, Candela, a new intelligent robot enterprise in China, released a new sunny multifunctional sanitation robot (hereinafter referred to as "sunny sanitation robot") in 2021, which has been reported by many industry media. Sunny sanitation robot has the functions of ground cleaning, dust suppression and humidification, garbage operation, garbage dumping, etc.  it can switch independently according to the demand, so as to realize the full coverage of the working scene. Today, we will explore the secrets with you to see the ultrasonic perception behind "Superman" of environmental sanitation.


Obstacle avoidance perception: L4 level driverless technology

As we all know, cleaning robots, as an important tool for the maintenance of urban environment maintenance, need to travel through the streets and alleys with dense crowds, so it is necessary to have good driving skills.

sunny sanitation robot: Arrange it!

ultrasonic sensor

The cruise system of the Sunny Sanitary Robot takes L4 level driverless technology as the core, integrates multi-modal sensors such as ultrasonic radar, laser radar and binocular vision, senses the surrounding environment in 360°, realizes automatic driving and intelligent decision-making, It actively avoids pedestrians, vehicles or other obstacles to ensure safe operation. The ultrasonic obstacle avoidance scheme matched with L4 driverless technology is independently developed and provided by Audiowell, which is an industry-leading ultrasonic sensor manufacturing and solution provider. The sunny sanitation robot is equipped with ultrasonic sensors around the whole body. The sensor sends out the ultrasonic wave, which is reflected and transmitted back when it meets the object. The sensor calculates the time difference between the acoustic wave emission and reflection, converts the distance of the obstacle, and generates data information. 

reverse detection sensor


Safety perception: Efficient protection system

In terms of safety, in addition to excellent driving technology, the sunny sanitation robot is also strong in self-protection.

Sunny sanitation robot is composed of three parts: main body, vacuum box and dustbin. The main body is equipped with vacuum box, which is mainly used for dust cleaning. At the beginning of starting the vacuum mode, the vacuum box is light and easy to roll over due to external force. In order to prevent this kind of accident, the sunny robot carries the Audiowell ultrasonic warning scheme on the vacuum box. The sensor installed outside the vacuum box continuously emits ultrasonic waves. Using the TOF principle, it calculates whether there are foreign objects in the safety warning distance of the vacuum box. When the sensor detects that the foreign object is in the safety warning distance, it will trigger the defense mechanism of the sunny sanitation robot and send out the alarm signal to warn the trigger and the passers-by to pay attention, so as to avoid the safety accident caused by the vacuum box turning over.

300khz sensor


Capacity perception: Automatic dumping function

Functionally, the sunny sanitation robot, which belongs to the same category of cleaning robot, is equipped with an intelligent capacity identification system, which gets rid of the behavior of the traditional sweeping robot and realizes the full-automatic dumping function. The system uses the Audiowell vacuum box capacity detection scheme, uses the ultrasonic ranging principle to detect whether the residual capacity of the vacuum box is sufficient or not, and will send out a warning signal if it is insufficient; Combined with AI algorithm, the scheme can start the automatic dumping function, with ingenious automatic structure design, without manual intervention in the whole process.

ultrasonic sensor

Depending on the weatherability of the ultrasonic sensor and the characteristics that the detection accuracy is not affected by the light and shade of the environment, the sunny sanitation robot can adapt to the all-weather environment and continue to work in the night, high temperature and cold environment.

From the application scene of candela sunny sanitation robot, we can see that ultrasonic sensors give the robot more perception ability. they can not only give the robot perception function from the outside, but also can be used to detect the internal working state of the robot itself, effectively guarantee and improve the operation and sensitivity of the robot itself. In the future, Audiowell will continue to deeply develop intelligent sensors, actuators, modules and application solutions to promote the robot industry to achieve more intelligent and more convenient application scenarios.

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