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On May 19, Audiowell released an intelligent water-saving solution online.The product integrates a variety of sensors and outputs data to the cloud in real time; it can be flexibly adjusted and controlled remotely; real-time flow, daily water consumption, real-time PH value and other data can be accessed through mobile phones , computer and other terminals for convenient viewing and management, providing more possibilities for remote management of water systems.

In the industrial field, with the rapid development of the electronic information industry, the upgrading of electronic products is accelerating day by day, the production demand of the corresponding subdivided manufacturing field will increase accordingly

Intelligent water-saving solution: save water, increase production without increasing pollution

In order to assist the manufacturing industry to improve quality and efficiency, Audiowell  launched the first intelligent water-saving solution specially designed for industrial applications. Advanced technologies such as cloud computing, two-way communication, etc., provides manufacturing enterprises with functions such as real-time monitoring of flow and water quality changes, remote regulation of water volume and intelligent dynamic regulation of applicable water volume. On the premise of ensuring production quality, realize the green production effect of saving energy and water, increasing production without increasing pollution.

Rich Practical experienced, saving more than 15% of water

In the subdivided manufacturing industries such as papermaking, textile, steel and PCB Printing, product production needs to go through multiple wet processes, with large water consumption. Water saving has become one of the key links for enterprises to reduce costs and increase efficiency. At present, the Audiowell intelligent water-saving solution has been used in many manufacturing enterprises. The practical experience shows that the solution has obvious water-saving advantages in the application of manufacturing wet process. At present, the scheme has been applied to industrial enterprises in Meizhou, Shenzhen and Guangzhou. After using the Audiowell intelligent water-saving solution, it can save more than 15% of water, and the water-saving effect is obvious.

It is understood that the core hardware of the intelligent water  saving scheme - the intelligent water saver is equipped with pH value sensor and conductivity sensor, which can preset the pH value and conductivity range.If the pH value and conductivity of the liquid in the wet process are not within the preset range, the intelligent water saver will immediately control the ball valve to adjust the water injection speed, and automatically control the ball valve to reset to the original water injection speed after the pH value or conductivity of the liquid reaches the set range. Based on this, the application of intelligent water-saving scheme can effectively avoid the empiricism of manual regulation of water volume, large error, inability to accurately control water quality and other problems, and ensure scientific and high-quality water use.
water meters

Cloud computing and two-way transmission to achieve efficient management

The data collected by the intelligent water saver can be uploaded to the industrial Internet platform through 4G or Nb network. The visual interface allows people to more intuitively and clearly understand the operation status and parameters of the water system; At the same time, computers, tablets, mobile phones and other clients can synchronize all the dynamics of the water system. The administrator can remotely control the water system anytime and anywhere, which is simple and convenient. 

The intelligent water saver integrates a variety of sensors and has the function of two-way data transmission. It can upload liquid monitoring data and issue water regulation instructions at the same time. The product collects comprehensive water management data through multi-sensor fusion technology, uploads the data to cloud computing, issues instructions according to the cloud computing results, and remotely controls the flow velocity of intelligent water saver in different areas and processes.Fully intelligent operation is realized through closed-loop system instructions, and the water flow of the production line is dynamically adjusted. On the premise of ensuring production quality, the green production effect of energy-saving water is realized.Fully intelligent operation is realized through closed-loop system instructions, and the water flow of the production line is dynamically adjusted. On the premise of ensuring production quality, the green production effect of energy-saving water is realized.

Product recommendation: Audiowell Flow Control Sensor Module

The flow control sensor module displayed in the press conference is composed of an ultrasonic flowmeter, stepless variable speed ball valve, display screen and main control module. It can measure the flow in real time according to the flow rate required by the production line, and control the instantaneous flow rate of fluid through rapid adjustment of stepless variable speed ball valve. The product is equipped with pH value sensor, conductivity sensor, etc., which can adjust the water flow and water quality according to the relevant preset data range; It has the functions of automatic valve closing without electricity and two-way data transmission. 

Real time monitoring flow 

Intelligent regulation of water consumption

Data "cloud" management, centralized intelligent management 

Intelligent switch, automatic valve closing without electricity 

ultrasonic sensor

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