Mature ROA System: A Necessary Magic Weapon for Smart Cockpit to Protect Your and Your Family's Safety


 It is easy to cause serious consequences if you are trapped in the car with high temperature, especially in the hot summer. In the recent years, incidents of children being trapped in cars leading to death occur from time to time, and the bloody lessons have made people re-examine the issues related to car safety.

ultrasonic sensor

It is necessary to pay attention to the safety of rear seat in the hot summer

All sectors of society make concerted efforts in order to prevent tragedy happening again, for example, The US government has repeatedly announced HELPING OVERCOME TRAUMA FOR CHILDREN ALONE IN REAR SEATS ACT(HOT CARS Act), requires that all new models in the future should be equipped with sensors and alarm systems to remind drivers to check the rear seats; Relevant associations and groups in the vehicle industry actively promote the introduction of rear seat reminding system in cars and trucks; GM, Hyundai, Kia, Nissan, Toyota and other brands have made the scheme reminding drivers to check the rear seat etc.

Obstacle avoidance sensor

Automotive ROA system to remind the driver to check the rear seat

Example: Ultrasonic Sensor Applied to ROA System

Back in 2019, as an active promoter, Hyundai launched the ROA (rear occupancy alert) system at that time. The system monitor the situation of the rear seats by ultrasonic sensor and detects whether there is children's movement through ultrasonic technology. If the system detects children's movement when the driver lock the car and leave, It will give an alarm immediately, the car flash will light up at the same time, and it will also send an alarm information to the owner’s mobile phone through modern intelligent systems. In addition, the instrument panel will also display a message to remind the driver to check the rear seats before getting off.

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Automotive ROA system will remind the driver to check the rear seat after getting off

ROA system mainly integrates motion detection based on ultrasonic sensor technology and access control logic system. The ultrasonic sensor in the rear compartment will detect the  internal environment 24 hours a day after the engine is turned off. If the sensor detects a moving object in the vehicle, it will immediately issue an alarm signal. At the same time, the intelligent system will synchronize the alarm signal to the owner's mobile phone.

AUDIOWELL: Mature ROA system Perception Scheme

The use of ultrasonic sensor monitoring is a mature scheme of ROA system. The product installed on the roof or the top of the trunk, it detects moving objects by transmitting and receiving ultrasonic waves, it will send alarm information to notify the owner when it detects moving objects in the rear seat or the trunk of the vehicle.

ultrasonic sensor

Ultrasonic sensor applied to automotive ROA system

Model: TO0101-012 & TO0104-012

Frequency: 40±1.0 KHZ

Sensitivity: -60~-55 dB

Direction angle: 90°

Operating temperature: -40~+90℃

Ultrasonic Sensor: The Detection Range Is Not Only The Rear Seat

Compared with the pressure sensor installed in the seat, the ultrasonic sensor has a larger detection range, which is more in line with the needs of rear passenger monitoring. For example, It is hard to provide alarm information if only the sensors in the seats are used as the sensing sources if the children and pets hide between the seats in the car. The ultrasonic sensor installed on the roof has a large detection range that it can reach between the seats to find out "playful" children and pets in time to avoid accidents. For example, when children and pets sneak into the trunk, the ultrasonic sensor installed on the top of the trunk can also quickly find out them with high sensitivity and send alarm information to remind the vehicle owner.

Obstacle avoidance sensor

The detection range of AUDIOWELL ultrasonic sensor can reach the seat clearance

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