Guide for the selection of sweeping robot


Sweeping and mopping the floor is a laborious and laborious physical activity. If there is a carpet in the home, and the hair that falls from it is unclear and unclean, it is even more difficult.

As a result, the sweeping robot has become a savior for many people, expecting it to rescue itself from tedious housework! But there is inevitably some worries: can it really be cleaned?

Look at the cleaning mode

Clean it correctly to be really clean

When you open the comments about sweeping robots sold by a treasure and a certain east, you can find that most sweeping robots are clean but not smart. They are industrious, and always clean the floor and carpet indiscriminately. Not only can they not really clean the floor, but they may even have the embarrassment of mopping the carpet, which makes buyers more troublesome.

Application of material identification sensor in the sweeping robot 

Therefore, judging the cleaning ability of the sweeping robot, the most important thing is whether it can open the correct cleaning mode. In order to help the sweeping robot achieve this function, AUDIOWELL has developed the ultrasonic material identification technology: the ultrasonic material identification technology uses 300kHz high-frequency sensor, which is not affected by light and color. Different materials have different absorption capacity for sound waves, and different materials can be distinguished by echo detection technology, so as to accurately identify carpet, floor and other materials, so that the robot can start the correct cleaning mode.

Focus on Early warning capability:

Intelligent reminder, more efficient cleaning

Similar to wetting the carpet, another classic scene of "artificial mental retardation" is mopping the floor in dry model. Some sweeping robots do not know that there is no water in the built-in water tank, but still faithfully adhere to the task of mopping the floor. The host will inevitably feel distressed: "Now I can see it, but if I can't see it, are you going to mopping the floor in dry model until the end of time?"

Water tank detection solution of sweeping robot

AUDIOWELL launched a water tank detection solution: based on the principle of ultrasonic ranging, the propagation speed of ultrasonic wave in different media (water and air) is different, and the water storage condition is identified by echo detection technology, and the signal is sent out to warn the abnormal water level.

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