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Recently, Xiaomi released its first annual flagship noise reduction earphone FlipBuds Pro. Pressure sensing touch technology (pressure sensing technology for short) is applied to TWS earphones for the first time. Users can achieve a variety of pressure sensing touch operations by tapping and long pressing the ceramic touch back lid, which means that the TWS earphones with pressure sensing technology are moving towards the future of letting all flowers bloom together.

ultrasonic sensor

In fact, most TWS earphones use capacitive touch, the technology uses the touch chip to monitor the capacitance change between the human body and the sensing part of the touch key for touch operation. Because the contact surface of TWS earphones is very small, it is easy to touch by mistake through the interaction form of traditional X and Y axis dimensions, and give the wrong command to the earphone. When giving command by tapping the earphone, noise may be generated, and even the earphone may fall off, which will affect the user experience.

Piezo Haptic Actuator

The contact surface of TWS earphone is very small, it is easy to touch by mistake through the interaction form of traditional X and Y axis dimensions.


Pressure sensing technology: Multilevel interaction, avoiding touching by mistake

Different from the traditional interaction form of capacitive touch x-axis and y-axis dimensions, pressure sensing technology creates a new interaction dimension, which can realize multilevel interaction on the z-axis. Accurate instructions can be given through operations such as pinching once, pinching two / three times and long pinching. It not only effectively avoids touching by mistake, but also has simple operation and does not affect the wearing safety, and meanwhile bringing more convenience, efficiency to TWS earphone users, which will greatly improves the user experience.

The force touch technology can design the operation command according to the pressure intensity, touch position , so as to leave room for more simple and interesting "gameplay". 

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Piezoelectricity: The ultimate solution for real Pressure sensing

Even if the pressure sensing technology is as good as it can be, it cannot be changed the fact that the pressure sensing solution is full of "accidents" in the market. Most of them are small production. The reasons are as follows: high chip cost, unable to mount, high assembly difficulty, insufficient PCB design space, production consistency can not be guaranteed, the consistency of use environment can not be guaranteed, low yield leads to high production cost, etc.

Maybe you want to say: the operating experience of Apple airpods is very good, and it can also mass produce and sell! Indeed, apple is a rare TWS earphone brand that adheres to the pressure sensing scheme, but it costs a huge price in production. It needs to find the world's top OEM! You can see Apple's arrogance has been fully reflected.

ultrasonic sensor

Audiowell & Realmagic

Piezoelectric solution

As the leading manufacturer and solution provider of intelligent sensors in the industry, Audiowell has cooperated with Realmagic to provide a complete set of solutions including sensors for the TWS industry with the patented piezoelectric tactile sensing (piezoelectric) technology. At present, four series of products have been mass-produced.

The RM11xx piezoelectric series products jointly launched by both parties provide two sets of solutions for the separation of sensor and conditioning chip and SOC according to different customer requirements. In addition to the above advantages, the piezoelectric scheme also has the following functional guarantees.

[ Automatic calibration function of piezoelectric sensor ]

Theoretically, all kinds of sensors have consistency problems. At present, there is no perfect treatment scheme on the market. The conditioning chip of the piezoelectric scheme specially deals with this problem, which can be tested automatically in the production process, so that each motherboard has the same performance benchmark.

[ Parameter verification DSP of PCBA ]

The PCBA of the same batch has different parameters of materials and components, it will lead to different detection points for voltage and capacitance parameters of the conditioning chip, which will affect the sensitivity or cause misoperation. The targeted DSP processing module is designed in 101A/RM1102A.

[Parameter verification DSP of environment]

Different operating environments will cause differences in Sensor parameters, which will affect the operating error of the earphone. The targeted DSP processing module is designed in 101A/RM1102A.

Recommend products

Audiowell Piezo Haptic Actuator

The Piezo Haptic Actuator applied in the scheme is an operation interactive sensor based on force touch technology. The product realizes advanced seamless design, which is easier to prevent dust and water, longer service life and better experience.

Piezo Haptic Actuator

[High sensitivity]

The recognition sensitivity is very high, and the pressure sensitivity can reach the milligram level.

[High accuracy]

According to the application requirements, different sensitivities can be designed within a reasonable range to ensure the accuracy of user operation.

[Low power consumption]

It has the characteristics of spontaneous charge reversible, low working current, low power consumption and more safety.

[Good consistency]

Strictly in accordance with the performance, process, specifications and other requirements of production.

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