AK2 digital ultrasonic sensor


AK2 digital ultrasonic sensor is a new generation of intelligent sensor based on ultrasonic ranging principle for car, compared with other vehicle radars on the market, it has longer ranging and smaller blind area. the product adopts the industry's advanced DSI3 communication mode, which can process various data synchronously at a high rate and fundamentally solve the industry problem of the same frequency interference between radars. It is the necessary intelligent sensing hardware for future intelligent driving.

Technical characteristics:

① Strong range measuring ability: ranging as far as 7m and blind area as small as 10cm;

② Fast signal propagation speed and wide range of echo eigenvalue processing: using DSI3 communication mode, the signal propagation rate is high, and more eigenvalues of echo signals can be processed synchronously;

③ Get rid of the same frequency interference: provide two ultrasonic coding signals: up frequency and down frequency, which can send and receive different acoustic signals at the same time to avoid the same frequency interference.

④ Application scope: reversing parking system, parking system, parking distance control system 

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