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ultrasonic AdBlue level sensor

  • High Pressure Water Flow Sensor

    High Pressure Water Flow SensorHigh Pressure WaterFlow Sensor, the core element of ultrasonic flow meters, is a liquid-mediumsensor. It can be used in liqiud flow meter, or as liquid level sensor. The enclosed design of the product’s metal case allows it directly contacts with liquid, while preventing the performance problem that normally caused by...Read More

  • Open-structure Ultrasonic Sensor

    Open-structure Ultrasonic SensorOpen-strucuture ultrasonic sensors have wide applications for remote controller, burglar alarm, object detectors and range finders. Compare with the water proof type ultrasonic sensors, they have a much longer detection distance, but they can’t be used in dirty or wet conditions.Read More

  • High Performance Ultrasonic Sensor

    High Performance Ultrasonic SensorHigh Performance Ultrasonic Sensor are classified into 3 types: transmitter, reciever. It features wide measuring range and strong anti-interference ability. Open type sensors are mainly used in car alarm devices, distance measuring device and remote control system.Read More

  • Ultrasonic Flow Meter Module for Intelligent Water Management System

    Ultrasonic Flow Meter Module for Intelligent Water Management SystemThe ultrasonic flow meter body measures the flow of liquid by calculating the transit time difference of upstream and downstream ultrasonic pulses. It contains no moving part in the pipe section, and therefore has lower pressure loss and higher accuracy than traditional flow meters. Features:...Read More

  • High Frequency Ultrasonic Water Level Sensor with 500mm Range

    High Frequency Ultrasonic Water Level Sensor with 500mm RangeThis Ultrasonic Level Sensor is a transmitter and receiver together in one detecting unit. It transmits ultrasonic sensor through water s able to transmit the ultrasound through liquid medium following certain direction,and will be partially reflected and received by the sensor . The bulit-in...Read More

  • Ultrasonic Flow Rate Sensor

    Ultrasonic Flow Rate SensorUltrasonic Flow Rate Sensor is the core component of intelligent water meter, which is a kind of ultrasonic sensor with liquid medium. The liquid flow speed can be calculated by measuring the change of ultrasonic speed in the pipe, so that the liquid flow volunm during a certain period of time can be calculated.Read More

  • Obstacle Avoidance Sensor For Robots

    Obstacle Avoidance Sensor For RobotsThe Obstacle Avoidance Sensor for Robots measures the time interval between emitting the ultrasonic pulses and receiving the echo to determine the distance to nearby objects. The distance value is indicated by the pulse width of of output signals.Advanced signal processing techniques is used in the module to enhance the...Read More

  • Vehicle Parking Sensor

    Vehicle Parking SensorVehicle Parking Sensor are proximity sensors for road vehicles designed to alert the driver to obstacles while parking. AUDIOWELL’s parking sensors use ultrasonic sensors.Read More

  • Parking Assist Sensor

    Parking Assist SensorThe parking assist sensor is the key component of the automatic parking assist system. It uses ultrasound to measure the distance to obstacles near the vehicle, from which the size of the parking space and the vehicles position can be calculated. It operates at a different frequency from the...Read More

  • High Temperature Resistant Ultrasonic Flow Sensor Module DN15 DN20 DN25

    High Temperature Resistant Ultrasonic Flow Sensor Module DN15 DN20 DN25The high temperature resistant ultrasonic flow sensor module DN15 DN20 DN25 measures the flow rate of the water flowing through it by transmitting and receiving ultrasonic pulses. It is comprised of a pair of ultrasonic flow sensors and a polymer pipe. Features: 1.Low pressure loss...Read More