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external liquid level sensor

  • Water or Heat Meter Ultrasonic Industrial Flow Sensor

    Water or Heat Meter Ultrasonic Industrial Flow SensorThe water or heat meter ultrasonic industrial flow sensor, which measures water flow rate with ultrasonic waves, is the key component of a smart heat meter. By measuring the water velocity, the volume of the water going through the pipe in a certain period of time can be calculated, which can be...Read More

  • High Pressure Resistance Water Flow Sensor

    High Pressure Resistance Water Flow SensorThe high pressure resistance water flow sensor, the core element of ultrasonic flow meters, is a liquid-mediumsensor. It can be used in liqiud flow meter, or as liquid level sensor. Features - Excellent consistency - table performance - gh reliability Specification Application ●Heat MeterRead More

  • High Performance Ultrasonic Sensor

    High Performance Ultrasonic SensorHigh Performance Ultrasonic Sensor are classified into 3 types: transmitter, reciever. It features wide measuring range and strong anti-interference ability. Open type sensors are mainly used in car alarm devices, distance measuring device and remote control system.Read More

  • Large Detection Range Ultrasonic Sensor for Robot

    Large Detection Range Ultrasonic Sensor for RobotThe large detection range ultrasonic sensor for robot utilizes piezoelectric effect to convert electricity to mechanical vibration and form ultrasonic waves. Therefore no coil is contained and electromagnetic interference can be greatly reduced. The ultrasonic wave has excellent directivity and...Read More

  • Digital Ultrasonic Parking Sensor with OEM Quality Standard

    Digital Ultrasonic Parking Sensor with OEM Quality StandardThe digital ultrasonic parking sensor with OEM quality standard adds signal processing to the traditional ultrasonic sensor and converts analog signals to digital signals. A variety of communication protocols such as LIN bus and I/O are available. Features ●High sensitivity and stable...Read More

  • Open-structure Ultrasonic Sensor

    Open-structure Ultrasonic SensorOpen-strucuture ultrasonic sensors have wide applications for remote controller, burglar alarm, object detectors and range finders. Compare with the water proof type ultrasonic sensors, they have a much longer detection distance, but they can’t be used in dirty or wet conditions.Read More

  • External Ultrasonic Liquid Level Sensor for Level Control

    External Ultrasonic Liquid Level Sensor for Level ControlThe liquid level sensor is a high-frequency ultrasonic sensor based on self-triggering continuous measuring technique. It can be installed on the sidewall or bottom outside a container. The ultrasonic wave can penetrate the container wall and use the liquid as propagating medium to measure the...Read More

  • Height Measurement Sensor

    Height Measurement SensorHeight Measurement Sensor applies ultrasonic sensor of transceiver type, from which ultrasonic wave is remitted and spread through air in certain direction, and some of the wave be reflected by water and be received by the sensor. Then the built-in microprocessor can calculate the time “t” between transmitting and...Read More