Smart water meter for the elderly people living alone went viral!


Recently, smart water meter for the elderly people living alone in Shanghai, China, went viral which reported by Xinhua News Agency. When the reading of the smart water meter is less than 0.01 cubic meter within 12 hours, the warning information will be timely fed back to the street office and neighborhood committee through the "One Network Management" platform, and the staff will visit the elderly immediately to learn about the situation of the elderly people living alone in real time.

ultrasonic flow sensor

Smart water meter will become a new wind of the industry

In fact, smart water management is one of the core construction points of smart city, and it can help cities achieve more efficient, more convenient and safer water resources management through water IoT technology. Among them, ultrasonic water meter has gradually become the industry's first choice because of its high accuracy measurement.

Smart water meters are the mainstream tools for water measurement in the future. It is a new type of water meter integrating modern microelectronics technology, modern sensing technology and intelligent remote transmission technology. Among them, ultrasonic smart water meters have gradually become the industry's first choice due to their high-precision measurement.

 flow sensor

The working principle of ultrasonic smart water meter

Ultrasonic smart water meter is composed of measuring pipe section, ultrasonic flow sensor, signal processing circuit, algorithm and flow display. The built-in ultrasonic flow sensor converts the electric energy into ultrasonic mechanical energy, which is transmitted to the measured water body, and then receives the reflected echo. Finally, the signal is processed by the electronic circuit and converted into the electrical signal representing the flow, which is provided to the  integrating meter for calculation and display.

In the environment of Internet of things, Ultrasonic smart water meter can upload data to the cloud so as to realize remote reading and processing.  At the same time, it is conducive build a new trend of smart water affairs.


Sensor technology of ultrasonic smart water meter

Ultrasonic sensor is the component of ultrasonic water meter to generate signal, and its function is to provide accurate, stable and continuous ultrasonic signal for water meter circuit.  Ultrasonic sensor transmits and receives the ultrasonic wave together with the metering pipe section and the reflection structure. The MCU accurately calculates the flow velocity and flow rate by measuring the time difference between the forward and reverse flow propagation of the ultrasonic pulse.


AUDIOWELL ultrasonic flow with plastic pipe

As a professional solution product provider of smart metering, AUDIOWELL has developed an ultrasonic flow sensor with plastic pipe. Three diameters of DN15, DN20 and DN25 are widely used in ultrasonic smart water meter.

flow sensor with pipe

AUDIOWELL independently developed a variety of flow sensors with high consistency and sell millions of pieces per year. It matches the integrated injection-molded metering pipe section. It has the characteristics of low pressure loss, and no moving parts in the pipe section. Effectively improve the measurement accuracy of the water meter.

AUDIOWELL ultrasonic flow with plastic pipe is also made of drinking water grade raw materials, which conforms to GBT17219-1998 《Standard for health and safety assessment of drinking water and water distribution equipment and protective materials for drinking water》.It can meet the domestic water demand and effectively solve the hidden trouble of water safety.

Product Model


Pipe Diameter


Receiving Amplitude


Pressure Loss


Maximum Allowable Working Pressure


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